Surrogate Mothers

Surrogate Mothers Eligibility and Screening

We recruit young surrogates in the age bracket of 21-35. They may be married, single, widowed or divorced. We ensure legal proof of their marital status. We also have a strict and rigorous screening for any medical or health problems. Detailed medical history is acquired for illnesses, past pregnancies, normal or cesarean delivery, children born and previous attempts at surrogacy. We also subject them to a complete cardiologiy screen with 2-D echocardiography to avoid any unpleasant surprises during pregnancy.

Once they pass these qualifications, we do a complete pathology work up including: Sugar, Hemoglobin, clotting profile, HIV, Prolactin, TSH,Hepatitis B and C, Pap Smear, VDRL for syphilis, Torch (Toxoplasma IgM, Cytomegalis Virus and herpes IgM), Chlamydia Vaginal swab, Hb electrophoresis for thalassemia and more to ensure that the surrogate mother is fit.  We also evaluate for alcohol, drug or nicotine abuse. A social and home screen to verify the background check follows this. The surrogate is placed on a waiting list, only after all the above criteria are met.

Surrogate Home and Care

We respect and care for our Surrogates and ensure that they are treated well for the tremendous job they are doing. Our Surrogates are housed in the Surrogate  Home which is 5 minutes away from Grande International Hospital. This is their home for the entire stay once they have been confirmed they are pregnant.

The Surrogate Home has been developed with state-of-the-art facilities keeping in mind the requirement of Surrogate Mothers. Surrogate Mothers have separate rooms which are equipped with all modern facilities so that they are comfortable. A Lady Supervisor stays with them and looks after their physical comfort. The homes are being cleaned properly and hygiene is maintained for better health of surrogate. Fertility Tourism Nepal also holds prenatal yoga sessions for surrogate mothers. It is for healthy well being of boththe surrogate mother as well as the child to be born. To take care of their nutrition, Fertility Tourism Nepal has formulated a healthy diet chart, which is provided to the IPs.

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