Surrogacy Program in Nepal

A typical process for Surrogacy starts with registering with us and sending us your reports.

We have a huge database of surrogate mothers and egg donors so we can start the process without any waiting period. Our database continues to expand as we recruit more surrogates and donors into our system. The surrogate mother with her partner undergoes a rigorous counseling and medical screening before we include her in our program.

You can either use your own eggs or donor eggs for the treatment. If proceeding with own eggs, we will start the process according to your visit plan. Or you can send us your frozen samples.

The surrogate is implanted with embryo, created using In Vitro Fertilization. Once the surrogate mother has tested positive, she will be staying in the Surrogate Home which is right next door to the GIH for the entire period of nine months. The intended parents will receive regular updates, scans and reports of the health of the surrogate mother and child.

Surrogacy Program

Patient Decides for Surrogacy:
Understand Fertility Tourism Nepal Surrogacy Program We encourage you to ask as many questions as possible.
Treatment Cost Sheet Acquire cost sheet from us.

Interact with Doctors:
Share reports
Decide to go for Fertility Tourism Nepal Surrogacy Program
Select Surrogate/ Egg Donor
Finalize Travel Plan

Process Begins:
Signing and filling paperwork Agreement and Consent
Apply for Tourist Visa  for commissioning couple

Stimulation of Ovary for IVF:
Synchronization of menstrual cycles of Genetic Mother/Egg Donor and Surrogate
Stimulation at Fertility Tourism Nepal (stay in Nepal for about 2-3weeks depending upon your menstrual cycle )
Note: Option of stimulation in your own country possible. We will send you a prescription for stimulation.

Travel to Fertility Tourism Nepal @ Kathmandu, Nepal:

Signing of Surrogacy Agreement and contract by and between commissioning couple and surrogate
Signing of consent form for IVF / ICSI , oocyte retrieval/embryo transfer

Note:  In case of donor egg, Intended parents can send their frozen semen sample or can travel to Nepal.

Controlled ovarian hyper stimulation with injection:
Ovum Pickup, Sperm Collection
Development of Embryos
Embryo transfer into Surrogate
Confirmation of Pregnancy
Surrogate stays in Fertility Tourism Nepal Surrogate Home for all 9 months
Carrying of full term pregnancy by Surrogate
Medical care of surrogate by Fertility Tourism Nepal

Delivery of Surrogate:
Commissioning couple to travel to Nepal
Delivery of Surrogate
Process of handing over baby
Fertility Tourism Nepal organises for the Birth Certificate of Baby
Commissioning couple apply for passport for baby
Happy Family travel back to their country

Post Treatment Follow-up:
Lifelong Association and regular interaction with Fertility Tourism Nepal

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