Surrogacy Law in Nepal

There is no legal restriction on Surrogacy in Nepal,which makes it convenient for both “Intended parents—ones looking to have a baby through surrogacy”, and “the surrogate mothers” not requiring any contract to be signed on the same.

Surrogacy in Nepal is also available for singles as well as for married and gay couples.

In addition to all these benefits, unlike India, intended parents do not need to make multiple trips to facilitate the process.

Nepal has also emerged as a favored Surrogacy destination in comparison to other nations including US, UK, Thailand, Belgium, and Mexico on counts of restriction on Fee Clause for the surrogates.

Lower cost, coupled with better care and hospitality has paved the way for Fertility Tourism Nepal as the preferred Surrogacy Partner for International Clients. Fertility Tourism Nepal offers best treatments with quality care.

Baby Exit Process

Fertility Tourism Nepal assists in taking your baby back home. Our legal team helps you with all the necessary details and documents you might require to take your baby back home.

  1. Fertility Tourism Nepal provides baby/ies birth certificate with Fathers name. We will get the birth certificate/s attested for you.
  2. Apply for passport and exit visa. Fertility Tourism Nepal assists you with all documentation.
  3. Depending on embassy, you might require a DNA test when applying for the passport. We will ask you to order the DNA test before you come to Nepal so that everything is ready in time.
  4. Once the passport is issued, apply for Exit visa. Exit visa usually does not take more than two days.
  5. When both passport and visa are in hand, you can successfully take your new family back home!
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