Surrogacy for Gay Couples and Single Parents

LGBT and Single Parents

Surrogacy in Nepal is allowed for people from all backgrounds Same-sex (Gay) couples,  heterosexual couples and singles. Same sex couples can choose to ship sperm or come for a fresh cycle.

Choosing Donor

Fertility Tourism Nepal has more than 100 Indian and Nepalese donors to choose from, including educated donors.

Our database has proven egg donors  and continues to increase as we recruit more donors. All donors have a high antral follicle count and excellent fertility hormone (FSH) levels, which indicate good egg quality.

Caucasian/ Other Race Donors

We have a great network with reputable Donor Agencies from USA and South Africa who regularly send Caucasian, African donors to Kathmandu for egg collection.

Our Surrogates

Women who choose to become surrogate mothers do so out of compassion to help couples or individuals who wish to have a child. Having completed their own families, they understand how much a child brings to a family. Our surrogate mothers are well cared for both emotionally and physically. Moreover, the surrogates live in the our accommodation for all nine months and we take responsibility for the surrogates families throughout the time they are enrolled in our program. The best healthcare, monetary compensation and family support is the least we can offer to our surrogate mothers.

Comprehensive Packages

Fertility Tourism Nepal offers most comprehensive packages that have no hidden charges. We try to include as much as possible and absorb any costs that might inconvenience our clients. We believe in creating long lasting relationships rather than transactions.

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