Legal Recognition to Surrogate Children in France to Boost International Surrogacy

At a time when France’s highest court has granted legal recognition to surrogate children, it has opened doors for French couples to seek surrogacy services in Nepal. It will be major turnaround for couples to go for surrogacy abroad and will make their daily lives easier that will have greater acceptance of new forms of families.

France has put a blanket ban on commercial surrogacy in their home country; they only recognize the children born to surrogate mothers in the overseas as per the latest high court decision. It would be a boon for French couples to consider surrogacy in Nepal with having all the rights intact and enjoy the joy of parenthood through a gestational surrogate. A gestational surrogate carries an embryo from both the intended mother and father. The ruling means the children have access to ID cards, passports, state health care and other services intended for French citizens.

So, it is a golden opportunity for French couples to consider surrogacy in Nepal that is reliable and affordable with the highest quality standards. Our treatments and success rates have resulted in a growing network of happy parents. We believe that everybody has the right to experience parenthood and we are here to help you in doing so.

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