IVF Surrogacy Nepal believes that every person has the right to experience the pious bliss of parenthood, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity etc. That is why; we have dedicated ourselves to helping gay, unmarried couples and singles achieve their dream of having a baby. IVF Surrogacy Nepal has a state-of-the-art IVF Lab in Grande International Hospital, widely known as the best hospital in Kathmandu so that we can offer best facilities, services and care to our intended parents.

Surrogate Mothers

We have a databank of Surrogate Mothers who are screened for all diseases and comply with international international standards. Hence, we have a ready availability of Surrogate Mothers in Nepal. All of our Surrogates are housed in our lodging and accommodation which is 5 minutes away from the hospital. Surrogate Mothers stay in the Surrogate Home for all 9 months. Proper care and hygiene is maintained in the Surrogate Home. We have 3 Supervisors currently looking after the surrogate home.  We ensure that their diet and health is taken care of and we send regular monthly reports regarding the health of the surrogate and the baby.

Egg  Donors

Our Egg Donor list is huge and continues to increase as we recruit more donors. We have a vast diversity of donors available from all Ethnicities – Caucasian, African, Asian, Latino, Indian etc. We also have premium and proven donors available. All our donors are screened medically and physically. We request you to send your photo so that we can match and send you profiles as per preference. Once donor is chosen, we will prepare her according to the visit plan.

Why Choose Us

At IVF Surrogacy Nepal, we understand the difficulty and uncertainty that every international client goes through when they are thousands of miles away. Every intended parent has doubts regarding legalities, the process, logistics, facilities and much more. As the only center in Nepal with a proven experience of more than 50 babies till date, we are well equipped to handle all aspects so that we can ensure you have a smooth journey on your way to parenthood.

Surrogacy in Nepal is a great solution for people that are not allowed by have surrogacy done by law in their country, either because they are not married or same sex couples or single parent or only because it takes a long time to find a surrogate mother in their own country. It is also a good option for citizens of those countries who are not allowed to go through Surrogacy, example, Australia.

We have helped babies and parents go back to their countries – USA, Canada, Israel, Brazil, Australia, UK etc. To know more about us and enquire about our packages, please email us at info@ivfsurrogacynepal.com

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