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Surrogacy Packages in Nepal | Surrogacy Cost in Nepal

Surrogacy Cost in Nepal Inclusions:

  • Females Stimulation Injections / Medications
  • Follicular Monitoring / Consultations
  • Egg retrieval Fees (clinic, doctors)
  • Females post-operative care
  • PESA / TESA (Surgical Sperm collection)
  • Sperm washing and analysis
  • IVF Procedure (clinic, doctors, products)
  • Embryo Tests and Processing
  • Blastocyst Culture
  • Multiple Embryo Transfers for each cycle
  • Assisted laser hatching of embryos
  • ICSI (Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
  • Surrogate and coordinator compensation
  • Surrogate preparation / medication
  • Surrogate’s background check and psychological screening
  • Surrogate – 24/7 access to Doctors
  • Surrogate Post ET and Emergency Care
  • Monthly expense allowance for Surrogate and family
  • Surrogate monthly scans and reports
  • Surrogate Mothers’s counseling, special care and...
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Legal Recognition to Surrogate Children in France to Boost International Surrogacy

At a time when France’s highest court has granted legal recognition to surrogate children, it has opened doors for French couples to seek surrogacy services in Nepal. It will be major turnaround for couples to go for surrogacy abroad and will make their daily lives easier that will have greater acceptance of new forms of families.

France has put a blanket ban on commercial surrogacy in their home country; they only recognize the children born to surrogate mothers in the overseas as per the latest high court decision. It would be a boon for French couples to consider surrogacy in Nepal with having all the rights intact and enjoy the joy of parenthood through a gestational surrogate. A gestational surrogate carries an embryo from both the intended mother and father...

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Surrogacy for Gay Couples and Single Parents

LGBT and Single Parents

Surrogacy in Nepal is allowed for people from all backgrounds Same-sex (Gay) couples,  heterosexual couples and singles. Same sex couples can choose to ship sperm or come for a fresh cycle.

Choosing Donor

Fertility Tourism Nepal has more than 100 Indian and Nepalese donors to choose from, including educated donors.

Our database has proven egg donors  and continues to increase as we recruit more donors. All donors have a high antral follicle count and excellent fertility hormone (FSH) levels, which indicate good egg quality.

Caucasian/ Other Race Donors

We have a great network with reputable Donor Agencies from USA and South Africa who regularly send Caucasian, African donors to Kathmandu for egg collection.

Our Surrogates

Women who choose to become surroga...

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Egg Donation

Fertility Tourism Nepal has a diverse database of screened Egg Donors available. Women with lab tests results, uncomplicated healthy obstetric history and sound psychological mental preparedness are included in the program. The potential Egg Donors are pre-screened for general physical health, fertility and transmissible diseases.

Egg donation becomes a prudent choice for women, who are unable to conceive by their own eggs; primarily due to decreased ovarian function with advancing reproductive age, in women especially beyond 35.

Best database of Egg Donors

Fertility Tourism Nepal has started the venture of keeping record and database of egg donors. Our database of egg donors is huge with a vast diversity of ethinicities including Asian, Caucasian, Indian and African egg donors...

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Surrogacy Program in Nepal

A typical process for Surrogacy starts with registering with us and sending us your reports.

We have a huge database of surrogate mothers and egg donors so we can start the process without any waiting period. Our database continues to expand as we recruit more surrogates and donors into our system. The surrogate mother with her partner undergoes a rigorous counseling and medical screening before we include her in our program.

You can either use your own eggs or donor eggs for the treatment. If proceeding with own eggs, we will start the process according to your visit plan. Or you can send us your frozen samples.

The surrogate is implanted with embryo, created using In Vitro Fertilization...

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IVF Treatment Centre

In Vitro Fertilization

IVF (In Vitro fertilization) is used to treat

i). infertile woman with a damaged or blocked fallopian tubes characterized in women with ectopic pregnancy (when embryo implants at site other than uterus);

ii). in women suffering from Ovulatory dysfunction characterized by abnormal, irregular or absence of ovulation;

iii). in women with an unexplained infertility;

iv). Immunological dysfunction and sperm disorder.


IVF is a five step process starting with Stimulation. The process begins with administration of FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) by daily injection for 10 days starting day 2 of cycles to improve egg production in woman...

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