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How IVF Treatment in Nepal Helps Childless Couples.?

In our earlier blog, we have discussed about detailed IVF procedure, today we will let you know how IVF treatment help infertile couples on the road to parenthood. In vitro fertilization commonly known as IVF is one of the assisted reproductive techniques available to couples who are unable to conceive despite having unprotected and regular vaginal sexual intercourse for a year. IVF has now become a phrase in such common use that is rare for anyone to talk about “test tube babies” any more.

In vitro means literally ‘in glass’ and the process takes place in a laboratory. During IVF procedure, an egg is surgically removed from the womans ovaries and fertilised with sperm in a laboratory. The fertilised egg, now called an embryo, is then transferred to the womans womb to grow and develop...

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